Home Perfect Exteriors

Home Perfect Exteriors

Home Perfect Exteriors had a website which was outdated in it’s design and underperforming, so they asked the experts at BrickStreet to create a new website that would better represent their brand’s standards of excellence.

BrickStreet replaced their outdated site with a new site that could produce the results their business needed, using prominently placed calls to action and automated requests for quotes to help convert traffic to leads.


2018 – 2021


Web Design

Homepage of the Home Perfect Exteriors website
Featured Recognition Carousel on HomePerfectExteriors.com
Folder with Franklin & Vaughn logo
Roofing Products page on HomePerfectExteriors.com website

Home Perfect Exteriors’ new website showcases 5-star customer reviews, industry accolades and featured projects they have completed.  Potential clients can rest assured of the quality of work they will receive after a brief look at the home page!

Home Perfect Exteriors projects are beautifully displayed for customers to explore.

Prominent calls to action throughout the website with bright, high-contrast buttons leads website traffic to a clean, easy-to-use contact form where traffic is converted to leads.

Flyers and postcard for special announcements and news.

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